We are designing + creating affordable, adaptable, alternative housing that is healthy + sustainable for all. AAAH!



Home is a place for living.

It’s much more than an economic investment—much more than a mere shelter for survival. The true value of your home is when you are able to live a quality life and thrive: less cleaning and maintenance, better health, less debt, spending more time outdoors and most importantly, the ability to take time to develop relationships with those wonderful people in your life.


We believe in the triple bottom line — People, Place, Planet. We measure our worth through the health benefits we bring to our community.

Social equity becomes a reality with affordable housing options. We have invested mentally, physically and financially to innovate and bring these healthy solutions to our local communities.

Thank you for your vote! Due to your support and votes, we were selected as Finalists or Kitsap Bank’s Edg3 Fund Competition! We are one of five finalists who will be making a live presentation for the $20,000 small business award on November 17th. Thanks again for your help in making the final round. If you would like to attend the live competition event finale get your tickets at Brown Paper Tickets here.

Northwest Green Slam 2016! We’re glad to announce our inclusion in this year’s Green Slam!, presented by the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild. This event will feature 10 speakers each speaking for 10 minutes about an innovative ecobuilding topic. We’ll be discussing our hopes and dreams related to tiny homes, tiny design and affordable housing alternatives. This year’s Green Slam! will be held November 4th at UW’s Kane Hall in Seattle. We’re so happy to be part of this amazing event!

Creating healthy spaces.

We will continue to choose environmentally-responsible materials and people; we are creating spaces where we all value ourselves, connections to each other, sense of place and other species on our planet.


AAAH! is the evolution of Brett Marlo Design Build.

AAAH! is a Team of Designers, Builders and Community Members working for affordable, adaptable, alternative housing. We work to put our vision into action by creating great spaces, developing great products and sharing information about other do-ers who share our values. AAAH! workers have a home at Brett Marlo Design Build in Downtown Gig Harbor, Washington. 

We will innovate in the face of an affordable housing crisis. Our vision is one where our lives are healthy and debt-free with wonderful connections to each other, our community and the great outdoors.

We have an amazing opportunity to show the world that the Pacific Northwest is teeming with forward thinkers.

You name it.

ADU*, tiny house, granny suite, backyard cottage, sidekick-in-law, attached or detached, basement apartment, compact design, laneway house, small footprint housing, love shack, on-grid-off-grid

We build it.

  *Accessory Dwelling Unit

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